Monday, September 12, 2011

@ColdCallWriter on Freelance Writers' Den - Weds. Sept. 14

Hello writers! I'll be participating in a cold calling webinar with Carol Tice at Freelance Writer's Den. If you're a member, or considering it, please definitely check it out!

Please note that FWD is a member's only site. If you're not a member and really dying to hear the webinar, please give me a shout through my business website at

Sorry I have been really bad about posting here lately. Hopefully this appearance will jumpstart me into a more regular routine.


  1. Dropping by from Make a Living Writing!

    I loved your post over there about cold calling, and since I haven't tried that type of marketing yet, I decided to come over and follow you here.

    I'd love to chat sometime and pick your brain, lol.

  2. Hi Sarah - I was emboldened by your Writers Den call and have gone ahead and made my first 5 cold calls. You're right - it is not as bad as it seems. Thanks for the all the tips and best of luck. - Carolyn