Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Cold calling people on the phone can certainly bring all your uncertainties to the surface.

During the first couple hundred calls I struggled with fear of rejection, fear of nameless people, fear of sounding pushy and fear of being labeled an annoying telemarketer.

I just hit 300 calls today and I think I can safely say the fear if gone. There's a new enemy. Crushing boredom.

If you've ever been in choir or another performance group, you might be able to relate to this. It's the feeling of having sung the same song so many times, you feel like you'd rather put a live grenade in your mouth and pull the pin than sing it one more time.

When I get so bored with cold calling I want to eat my one head, I think about the time I went to a Rolling Stones concert. The performance was so electric and crackling with energy, it was impossible to believe Mick and the boys had been singing those same songs for going on 40 years.

So must it go with cold calling, I suppose.

One thing you can do that bands can't, of course, is change the words. I think after this week I'll rewrite my cold call script and see if it puts some life back in me.

Do you ever get bored with cold calls? How do you cope?

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