Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cold Call Leads to Galaxy Far, Far Away

So I'm up to 203 cold calls as of today and I'm still alive! I have yet to have anyone yell at me for wasting their time or spamming them via the phone. But I have made some great contacts and met some real characters.

I think my favorite new cold-calling pal is an out-of-work guy who runs a site called The Galactic Warehouse. Check out some of those nebulas! And the size of that telescope.

Not bad for a guy working out of his backyard in Fort Collins.

I called him thinking he was a graphic designer, but his whole deal is astral photography. He does it as a hobby and to make a little money on the side.

(How does one pick up this hobby? I'm didn't even think to ask).

By the way, his photos have been on TV and in mags and they're for sale if you ever need one to go with a science story. You can contact him through his website.

Anyone else ever made a totally random friend/learned something interesting through cold calling?

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