Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More serendipity: Copywriter with tips to dream pub

You just never know who you'll meet once you start calling all over creation.

Just phoned a web design company and a very friendly copywriter answered.

We got to chatting.

When she's not doing web copy, she writes for 5280 (our awesome Denver regional mag which I am DYING to break into). And she's been hoping to break into Writer's Digest, so looks like we can help each other out.

Over the next 15 minutes, she gave me the scoop on local writer's groups, conferences and "people I must meet" in the NoCo writing world.

We agreed we must get together for coffee soon.

After calls like this, I always think back on the months I spent agonizing over being yelled at, scolded, rejected and told off on the phone (none of which has ever happened).

If only I had know that happy scenarios like this would be (far) more common!

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