Wednesday, May 11, 2011

BLOOPERS: The other Sarah

Today I called a graphic design firm. But the creative director insisted I'd contacted him already.

"Oh yes," he said. "We've had a nice back and forth about your services.  Don't you remember?"


Although I didn't, this seemed all too plausible at first. After all, I'm over 400 calls now, and though I have a pretty good memory, it's getting impossible to keep that many prospects straight in my head.

However, he seemed so genuinely happy to hear from me, I was suspicious.

"Let me just check my notes," I said. Sure enough, I had no record in my spreadsheet of calling this guy, or any prospect with a similar name.

The creative director was still SO SURE, but then he double-checked his email.

Sure enough, he'd recently been contacted by yet another Sarah Copywriter. Albeit one with a different last name.

Fortunately, even though Other Sarah Copywriter was apparently great, he still asked to see my portfolio.

I went on with the day's calls, but couldn't shake the creepy feeling that Other Sarah Copywriter had gotten to all the good prospects first.

Or that people might in fact be mistaking me for her.

At least it sounds like she's somewhat personable and competent. Maybe it'll even work in my favor one day.

Imagine if she was a talentless wench. Shudder.

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