Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Writer, Make Me Popular

Since I started my cold call project, I have spent A LOT of time messing around on social media.

This blog is only the tip of the iceberg.

There's Tweeting (under my regular handle @maurer_kg and my new @coldcallwriter alter ego).

And then there's chatting on writers' message boards (I do this anyway, but I'm doing it more faithfully now because I can link my posts to my blog, etc. to my sig).

I've been spending SO much time on social media, I'm starting to think, "There must be a way to get paid for this."

But how? I've been mulling it over during runs, hikes and hot showers, but haven't come up with the answer.


Today a cold-call prospect who's been doing Web design in my area for over a decade took me out for Mexican food (bless him).

He was a talkative guy and eager to dish about the "next big thing" in Internet marketing. And that's when he handed me an idea that knocked me off my chair.

Web designer has a client that wants to utilize the social networking power of Facebook, but doesn't have the time to tend to all the little postings, replies, comments, etc. (I feel client's pain).

Client also doesn't really want their employees doing it, because it feels Facebook + office work = productivity black hole.


Every month, this client writes a schedule of posts, including expert tips, exclusive offers, sneak previews and other little insider tidbits and hands it over to the Web designer. The Web designer than posts it per the schedule.

This particular client was savvy enough to do their own writing. But ...

"I have so many clients who would love to do this -- if someone would just write it all out for them," Web designer says. "Would you be interested in coming up with a service package for that?"

Cha-ching. Botta-boom.

I would be so interested that I've already named my spin-off social media company and am on my way over to reserve my domain name.

How am I going to actually price and package this? I have no idea.

But if you have experience with social media marketing, please feel free to dish, dish, dish away in the comments!

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