Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wussy Prospect List Reaps Rich Rewards

Okay, so lest you feel like a total wuss for axing those client types that give you fits from the prospect list (whoever they may be for you), I must say that yesterday was probably my most productive day of cold calling ever.

And I think it was because I overhauled my list to eliminate all doctors' offices (which were starting to feel like my personal nemesis).

I actually took today off from cold calling because just about everyone I called and sent a link to yesterday wrote me back and it took forever to answer them all.

Quite a few were looking to set up face-to-face meetings. And one (who is an artist on the side) asked me if I'd be interested in reworking her bio (first paid gig if it pans out -- woot!).

One man wrote and asked not only for more info, but for tips on selling copywriting services to his clients.

So who did I call yesterday? Almost everyone was a graphic or web designer.

And weirdly enough, they were all in Cheyenne and Laramie. Those are little Wyoming towns about an hour up the road. I was sure they'd be a tough sell, but so far they've been very receptive. Maybe there are less copywriters trolling the phone lines up there.

So who's on your list that you dread calling today? I give you permission to delete them. Give them the ax and replace them with a different prospect you feel more confident about.

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